Klaus M. Heusinger


IBO#: 3529507


Hello, my name is Klaus and I live in Germany!

working for 20 years as an architect in Berlin, I was looking for a second pillar to secure our family. We found this business as our perfect solution!

Since 25 years now, I am part of a global mentorship- and coaching team, called "Network TwentyOne" (N21). We help people all over the world, living better and healthier lives, by building their own home-based E-Commerce business, sideline to their jobs or main business, without compromising it!

Enjoy this short video and let`s talk about it afterwards.

We have a system for your success!

Best regards, Klaus Heusinger

5 Minutes Plan EN - What Would You Really Want

Enjoy the 5 minutes video and tell me afterwards if You want to watch our next 55 minutes ZOOM presentation!

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