Klaus M. Heusinger


IBO#: 3529507


Hello, my name is Klaus and I live in Germany!

working for 20 years as an architect in Berlin, I was looking for a second pillar to secure our family. We found this business as our perfect solution!

Since 25 years now, I am part of a global mentorship- and coaching team, called "Network TwentyOne" (N21). We help people all over the world, living better and healthier lives, by building their own home-based E-Commerce business, sideline to their jobs or main business, without compromising it!

Enjoy this short video and let`s talk about it afterwards.

We have a system for your success!

Best regards, Klaus Heusinger

5 Minutes Plan EN - What Would You Really Want

Enjoy this video and let's talk about it afterwards if you want to watch our next ZOOM webinar explaining all the details and income possibilities of our outstanding business opportunity 👍🏼 best regards, Klaus #stayhealthy #staysafe

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